Sealing natural Stone Mosaics

Hi guys just a quick blog to show you what we seal all our natural stone floors we come accross for clients.

We first sealed these mosaics with the lithofin 2 coats then once laid we sealed with 2 coats of Mattstone then the tiler grouted them and we resealed again with another 2 coats of mattstone clear natural stone sealer

These mosaics are going down in our clients entrance hall and utility so need to be sealed very well for waterproofing them.

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Owner @ Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd

Pine cladding sprayed and distressed

The process for this ceiling was we hand painted the Zinsser bin onto ceiling first then we sprayed through our sprayers a white Macphersons emulsion to white out the beams and cladding.

The last touch was to sand back by hand each individual plank and beam to give the ceiling more of a French boutique Chique look.

The normal process is to Apply a grey Zinsser then spray over then sand back but because the client wanted throughout all the ceilings this wood have really brought the ceilings down and made the whole building feel smaller so we just did a delicate method on this one


Floor protection

Covering your brand new fitted flooring is always worth it if the job still requires plenty of trades walking in and out the development.

Our team offer this type of floor protection which is called Ram Board as a service if our clients require a really good protection system. It stops any spills and protects from falling items and is easy to hoover or sweep up on at the end of the working day.


Cedar Cladding with Osmo Oil

After years of experience Oiling cladding especially the red cedar wood which we have done here, we always as a team apply 4 coats.

We apply 2 coats then let the carpenters place them up on walls then we apply 2 more coats.

The reason we apply 2 more coats is 1. To make sure the tiny pin holes are filled up with oil and 2. Because 2 coats is never sufficient to stop the cedar from blistering etc

Another great looking exterior