Cedar Cladding with Osmo Oil

After years of experience Oiling cladding especially the red cedar wood which we have done here, we always as a team apply 4 coats.

We apply 2 coats then let the carpenters place them up on walls then we apply 2 more coats.

The reason we apply 2 more coats is 1. To make sure the tiny pin holes are filled up with oil and 2. Because 2 coats is never sufficient to stop the cedar from blistering etc

Another great looking exterior



Re-oiling / making good greyed Osmo Cladding

These jobs are always a nightmare to try and get right !

Osmo specify on their technical data sheet that minimum of two coats of Uv Protection Clear Satin oil should be placed on new timber cladding. It also specifies you should coat the back of the cladding before installing.

The coating of the back of cladding I agree with but if I ever get asked to complete an Osmo oil job like this, we always specify to the client that they need to put 4 coats on if it’s in a coastal location like this particular house.

The reason we specify this is that the first coat brushed in really just penetrates into the wood fibres and leaves a tiny covering on the surface. Then when you apply a second coat this penetrates the first coat and then sits more on the surface.

Over time with the the wind, rain and sea salt in the atmosphere, these components basically wear down that second layer over a season.

What then starts to happen is you lose your factor 12 sun uv protection in the oil and the sun starts to bleach the wood. Not only that the water and weather start to react with the wood and it starts to get grey patina on the surface / ie the greying process starts.

This is an absolute nightmare to correct if it goes to far. Osmo recommend the ‘ Osmo Reviver Gel ‘ but this can only do so much and you have to wash down wood , scrub it in and leave 20 mins then wash down wood again and wait to dry.

I’ve tried it on so many jobs but doesn’t always work.

Firstly you have to mark out where the grey patina has occurred then treat with Osmo Reviver Gel. Next you leave to dry for 20 mins wash off then recoat the plans that have been treated.

You then put a final two top coats over the whole cladding again so that you know it has the sufficient coatings to get through another 2 seasons.

My suggestions for cladding would be always put 4 coats on or at least 3 then after first season reapply another 2 coats then every other year apply 1 coat for first five years.

This will prevent any greying or bleaching of the cladding no matter where the location is of the property.

We completed this job to the exact instructions from Osmo on this multi million pound property and just managed to catch the wood in time to be able to renovate it properly.

I expect another year of weather conditions and this wood would have gone to far to be able to renovate.

My instructions to all homeowners installing red cedar that they want to keep the natural look of the wood is ……



Cheers guys


Owner @ Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd


Mevigissey Exterior Decorating

Here’s a few photographs of a rental property we re-painted for a landlord client of ours at Mevigissey.

Nice detailed exterior job with the corner coins etc. I suggested to our client to re-paint the Black plynth line at the bottom of the building in a black Bitchimin paint as it more weatherproof and washable.

Mevigissey is prone to a lot of damp and flooding sometimes that’s why a recommended this and not a Dulux Weathershield flat Matt black exterior masonary.

We also re-painted the whole interior so it was ready for rental purposes. We can organise scaffolding for our jobs or we can leave it to the client. It’s whatever the client requires we will go with.

Another great job well done ready for one of our Landords


Owner @ Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd

Pine cladded ceiling in Clients New Build / existing property

Here are a few photographs of a pine cladded ceiling. Our client wants us to match in the existing pine cladding with the new pine cladding.

Problem is the existing pine cladding hasn’t been knotted properly so there are knot stains showing through all the cladding.

My advice to the client was that we Zinsser bin the whole ceiling, new and existing pine cladding would then all be knotted properly to stop any future knot stains coming through. Not only that it would give client a class 1 fire rating on ceiling also.

What the clients are after is a washed beach effect look as the finish in white.

The process we will have to use is coat all existing and new cladding with Zinsser Bin which is a shellac based product. This will prime knot and seal all the cladding which will give a really solid base ready for our top coats.

I think on this particular ceiling we will just mix 1 x parts of emulsion white paint to 2 parts water and then just brush it on and then rag it off or buff it off while it’s drying . This will give it the white wash effect.

Check out the finished pictures in a month or so guys.



Owner @ Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd


Sash Windows

Here are some photos from a big bay window and two top floor windows we painted.

The client had all the front of the property sandblasted then the new windows installed and instead of a plastic facia had a lead facia installed which looks fantastic and no maintenance for the future.

We painted all windows with Farrow and Ball exterior eggshell – colour is ‘Downpipe’

The windows were white on the inside so we had to paint the white beads half white and half Downpipe so that the sash windows looked correct from both sides when closed or open.

Another great looking job .


Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd

Spray works at Private Clients House

The videos are of a recent job our team completed for one of our our private clients.

This is a large 4 bedroom detached bespoke build out in the country on the outskirts of Wadebridge.

Our first process is to cover all flooring. In this development our client had a huge slate floor put down on the ground floor of the property. This included the main hallway right through to the large kitchen diner area and right down the back hallway to the garage including a downstairs bathroom and utility area.

We always cover our floors when spraying with a covering called ‘ Ram Board ‘. This is a compressed cardboard covering which is very strong and will resist Water spilliages, paint spillage and is scuff resistant.

This is a great covering to put down while all your trades are working in these areas and guarantees that the floor covering that you put down, whether it’s wood or slate is very well protected until the end of the Build.

We tape all edges to the bottom of walls when spraying then all the developer or client has to do is take of the tape on the boundary and trim off the Ram Board by about an inch all the way round so that the carpenters can fit the skirting board above the floor covering.

We would then on the second phase of Decorating re-tape all around the edge with our specialists tape guns and Kleenedge precision masking tape to sit just underneath the skirting boards so that the finish top coats can be applied.

This particular Ram Board came from Travis Perkins and 3 rolls was used to cover this huge slate floor. They sell the tape separately to the rolls which is a really sticky strong tape which won’t peel off so it can be swept or hoovered on a daily basis.

The advantages are second to none with this floor covering which speeds up trades that are on price because they can work quicker which means the development moves quicker.

We mask off all windows and doors with our specialist masking sheeting guns and again use our precision masking tape to ensure all pre finished windows and doors are immaculate once we have completed our spraying.

As you can see in our photographs our finish is an immaculate spray finish with 2 coats. Also in the photographs you will see how we have taped up the whole stair case as this is made of Ash wood and the client wants a clear lacquer finish on this eventually so it’s really important no overspray gets on the stair stringers or mule posts etc.

What this means is that on the second phase of Decorating after all trades have second fixed is that we have minimal filling to do as during the first phase before spraying, our team sand all the plaster as flat as we can , apply 1 mist coat spray with watered down paint through our sprayer then alter our settings on the sprayer and applying a second spray with a slightly thicker consistency.

Our Clients were over the moon with this finish and we’ve managed to bring their schedule forward by 3 weeks.

This particular spray job took 2 days for 2 of our team who are specialist sprayers to complete the whole 4 bedroom house which included protecting the floor detail and hoovering the plaster up after sanding ready for spraying.

Another great job achieved and another happy Client.


Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd


Kitchen Re-paint and Refresh

This is one of Clients Kichen’s in their huge family home which used to be a bed and breakfast. It has magnificent views over the country and sea.

The kitchen hadn’t been touched for many years and in the right hand corner of the ceiling near to sort of loft hatch half the ceiling had fallen away.

We hand to get our sanding machines out and sand back the concrete filler that someone had tried to patch it up with , then scrape back any old flakey paint.

We then remanded the edges of the flakey paint , then mixed up some Pva and Water. We brushed on the Pva all over effected area to stiffen it all up and seal what was left.

I then got my Hawk and Trowel our and skimmed back into the effected areas some filler to make the ceiling Flush and smooth again.

We then gave areas a mist coat then went over ceiling with two coats of white emulsion.

Whilst we were up the we cleaned off all the tops of the cupboard wall units with a hoover and also cleaned off dirt and old paint off existing spot lights and central square light on Ceiling. It’s just extra bits that we do in general that keeps our clients happy and gives us the repeat business and reputation.

We then sanded all walls with a palm sander to knock off all old plaster and bibs and used this to straighten up corner beads, to sand doors and skirting at same time.

When completing kitchens we always use our specialist masking machine and tape guns to ensure all units are covered and are free from dust.

It also allows us to tape kitchens up and cover them in a way so that the clients can still get to plates , cutlery etc etc.

We only ask clients to take things off the surfaces so we can work , everything else stays the same.

The walls had a really good rub down plenty of filler and spot priming, then 2 top coats of the new Dulux kitchen paint they have brought out.

Skirtings , architraves and doors, were sanded, filled profiles, rebuilt and undercoated. We then applied 2 coats of high gloss to match the rest of the property.

I completed this clients living area just 4 weeks previous and they liked it that much this is why they got us back to complete their dated kitchen.

I think you’ll agree it has a nice fresh look now and is certainly a better place to have breakfast in a morning now

Cheers guys


Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd


New Build for M and S Developments Ltd

We are completing two houses for this building company which is the job we are currently on.

We are working for Steve Williams Decorating Ltd on this particular job and have been asked to complete all external and internal works.

External works is a Dulux Weatershield Masonry Smooth White … 1 mist coat and 2 top coats. The plynth line is in a Dulux Weathershield Masonry Smooth in colour – Graphite Grey which suits the cladding on the soffits and facias. This was one mist coat and 2 top coats also.

With the interiors we are using an Armstead Contract Matt Emulsion White on the ceilings and an Armstead Contract Vinyl Matt Emulsion on the walls – Colour Mixed – Timeless which is a really soft light base paint which gives a really cosy look but modern at the same time .

The woodwork will be a Dulux Diamond Eggshell Mid Sheen finish in Water based paint.

The ceilings are lots of angles so concentration is needed to complete these works.

These property’s are at the top end sale price so have to be exact and a high quality finish which we will give them.

Cheers Guys

Keep watching for finished photographs in next couple of weeks


Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd


NJA School Canteen

We had a brief to get rid of the red feature walls and paint everything white.

We started by whiting out the red feature walls then we cut off and removed all the old sealant from the around the skirting boards throughout the canteen and then masking taped all the floors.

Once this was completed we got all the prep work – filling, sanding etc completed on all walls and woodwork ready for top coats.

We used a Dulux Diamond Eggshell on the walls as this is 10 times tougher than Dulux Vinyl Silk or Matt and it has great wipeable and stain resistant qualities when two or more coats are applied.

We applied a coat of Zinsser Coverstain to all skirting boards and radiators then used a bedec radiator paint – water based to apply 2 top coats to the radiators then we used a Dulux Trade Quick Dry Gloss – Pure brilliant White to all the woodwork for their top coats.

The great thing about using a Water based Gloss or Eggshell is that the finish is non yellowing so it’s brilliant white look will stay fresher for longer rather than oil based paint yellowing over time.

The other advantage is that it’s more eco friendlier , you can do 2 coats in a day and the Maintenance for touching up is so much easier. You know you could paint in something after the school bell goes and the kids go home and it will be dry by 6pm that night

Great job guys yet again . I’ll have to also pat myself on the back as I worked on this also.

I think the impact when the kids and staff will have walked in on Monday will be great.

Keep watching our blog exciting jobs coming up soon



Owner @ Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd