Pine cladded ceiling in Clients New Build / existing property

Here are a few photographs of a pine cladded ceiling. Our client wants us to match in the existing pine cladding with the new pine cladding.

Problem is the existing pine cladding hasn’t been knotted properly so there are knot stains showing through all the cladding.

My advice to the client was that we Zinsser bin the whole ceiling, new and existing pine cladding would then all be knotted properly to stop any future knot stains coming through. Not only that it would give client a class 1 fire rating on ceiling also.

What the clients are after is a washed beach effect look as the finish in white.

The process we will have to use is coat all existing and new cladding with Zinsser Bin which is a shellac based product. This will prime knot and seal all the cladding which will give a really solid base ready for our top coats.

I think on this particular ceiling we will just mix 1 x parts of emulsion white paint to 2 parts water and then just brush it on and then rag it off or buff it off while it’s drying . This will give it the white wash effect.

Check out the finished pictures in a month or so guys.



Owner @ Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd

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