Spray works at Private Clients House

The videos are of a recent job our team completed for one of our our private clients.

This is a large 4 bedroom detached bespoke build out in the country on the outskirts of Wadebridge.

Our first process is to cover all flooring. In this development our client had a huge slate floor put down on the ground floor of the property. This included the main hallway right through to the large kitchen diner area and right down the back hallway to the garage including a downstairs bathroom and utility area.

We always cover our floors when spraying with a covering called ‘ Ram Board ‘. This is a compressed cardboard covering which is very strong and will resist Water spilliages, paint spillage and is scuff resistant.

This is a great covering to put down while all your trades are working in these areas and guarantees that the floor covering that you put down, whether it’s wood or slate is very well protected until the end of the Build.

We tape all edges to the bottom of walls when spraying then all the developer or client has to do is take of the tape on the boundary and trim off the Ram Board by about an inch all the way round so that the carpenters can fit the skirting board above the floor covering.

We would then on the second phase of Decorating re-tape all around the edge with our specialists tape guns and Kleenedge precision masking tape to sit just underneath the skirting boards so that the finish top coats can be applied.

This particular Ram Board came from Travis Perkins and 3 rolls was used to cover this huge slate floor. They sell the tape separately to the rolls which is a really sticky strong tape which won’t peel off so it can be swept or hoovered on a daily basis.

The advantages are second to none with this floor covering which speeds up trades that are on price because they can work quicker which means the development moves quicker.

We mask off all windows and doors with our specialist masking sheeting guns and again use our precision masking tape to ensure all pre finished windows and doors are immaculate once we have completed our spraying.

As you can see in our photographs our finish is an immaculate spray finish with 2 coats. Also in the photographs you will see how we have taped up the whole stair case as this is made of Ash wood and the client wants a clear lacquer finish on this eventually so it’s really important no overspray gets on the stair stringers or mule posts etc.

What this means is that on the second phase of Decorating after all trades have second fixed is that we have minimal filling to do as during the first phase before spraying, our team sand all the plaster as flat as we can , apply 1 mist coat spray with watered down paint through our sprayer then alter our settings on the sprayer and applying a second spray with a slightly thicker consistency.

Our Clients were over the moon with this finish and we’ve managed to bring their schedule forward by 3 weeks.

This particular spray job took 2 days for 2 of our team who are specialist sprayers to complete the whole 4 bedroom house which included protecting the floor detail and hoovering the plaster up after sanding ready for spraying.

Another great job achieved and another happy Client.


Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd


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