Kitchen Re-paint and Refresh

This is one of Clients Kichen’s in their huge family home which used to be a bed and breakfast. It has magnificent views over the country and sea.

The kitchen hadn’t been touched for many years and in the right hand corner of the ceiling near to sort of loft hatch half the ceiling had fallen away.

We hand to get our sanding machines out and sand back the concrete filler that someone had tried to patch it up with , then scrape back any old flakey paint.

We then remanded the edges of the flakey paint , then mixed up some Pva and Water. We brushed on the Pva all over effected area to stiffen it all up and seal what was left.

I then got my Hawk and Trowel our and skimmed back into the effected areas some filler to make the ceiling Flush and smooth again.

We then gave areas a mist coat then went over ceiling with two coats of white emulsion.

Whilst we were up the we cleaned off all the tops of the cupboard wall units with a hoover and also cleaned off dirt and old paint off existing spot lights and central square light on Ceiling. It’s just extra bits that we do in general that keeps our clients happy and gives us the repeat business and reputation.

We then sanded all walls with a palm sander to knock off all old plaster and bibs and used this to straighten up corner beads, to sand doors and skirting at same time.

When completing kitchens we always use our specialist masking machine and tape guns to ensure all units are covered and are free from dust.

It also allows us to tape kitchens up and cover them in a way so that the clients can still get to plates , cutlery etc etc.

We only ask clients to take things off the surfaces so we can work , everything else stays the same.

The walls had a really good rub down plenty of filler and spot priming, then 2 top coats of the new Dulux kitchen paint they have brought out.

Skirtings , architraves and doors, were sanded, filled profiles, rebuilt and undercoated. We then applied 2 coats of high gloss to match the rest of the property.

I completed this clients living area just 4 weeks previous and they liked it that much this is why they got us back to complete their dated kitchen.

I think you’ll agree it has a nice fresh look now and is certainly a better place to have breakfast in a morning now

Cheers guys


Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd

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