NJA School Canteen

We had a brief to get rid of the red feature walls and paint everything white.

We started by whiting out the red feature walls then we cut off and removed all the old sealant from the around the skirting boards throughout the canteen and then masking taped all the floors.

Once this was completed we got all the prep work – filling, sanding etc completed on all walls and woodwork ready for top coats.

We used a Dulux Diamond Eggshell on the walls as this is 10 times tougher than Dulux Vinyl Silk or Matt and it has great wipeable and stain resistant qualities when two or more coats are applied.

We applied a coat of Zinsser Coverstain to all skirting boards and radiators then used a bedec radiator paint – water based to apply 2 top coats to the radiators then we used a Dulux Trade Quick Dry Gloss – Pure brilliant White to all the woodwork for their top coats.

The great thing about using a Water based Gloss or Eggshell is that the finish is non yellowing so it’s brilliant white look will stay fresher for longer rather than oil based paint yellowing over time.

The other advantage is that it’s more eco friendlier , you can do 2 coats in a day and the Maintenance for touching up is so much easier. You know you could paint in something after the school bell goes and the kids go home and it will be dry by 6pm that night

Great job guys yet again . I’ll have to also pat myself on the back as I worked on this also.

I think the impact when the kids and staff will have walked in on Monday will be great.

Keep watching our blog exciting jobs coming up soon



Owner @ Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd


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