Barn Conversion Helston

Here are some photographs that we took close to the end of the project just before we finished the last coat on the walls and finished prepping all the woodwork.

The reason we used a Ronseal fine finish wood filler on the woodwork was that we were up against time trying to get the client in for Christmas and because you only need to do one fill and a sand before priming with acrylic primer if your careful with your filling. Normally we use a different product and complete two fills on woodwork.

This property was at first completed almost in 2 sections. We sprayed out the back of the properties bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms first which allowed the owner-who was a carpenter himself , to be able to fit the floors and second fix skirting and architraves.

We then prepared and sprayed the front section in main living areas so he could then second fix all woodwork out there whilst we finished off the back part of the property.

The finish looked amazing after the last coat of paint went onto the walls. It was a very tricky property to paint and very hard going as there were so many angles in the property which meant a lot of ladder work.

It’s a good job we use Little Giant ladders as these pay dividends in property’s like this being able to reach certain areas.

The final woodwork colour we used was a brilliant white Dulux Diamond Eggshell which has a mid sheen finish. It’s a really durable finish 10 times stronger than gloss etc and is Waterbased. The Water based products are so much better now and stay white forever unlike the gloss or satinwood oil based products which yellow over time.

The client was more than happy with the finish and look of the property and we helped him achieve his goal of having his young family in their new home for the a Christmas period.

Thanks again guys


Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd

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