16th Century Manor House 

We have used all water based products for interiors and exteriors. They are more eco friendly and also they will stand the test of time to resist dirt pick up cracking flaking etc. As long as you use the right products in the right places – water based products far outlast the old glosses and satins and they also retain their colour for longer also. This whole renovation will be good for 10 years with some maintanence every few years for touch up bits here and there.

We always offer our future maintanence services on all our jobs for our clients. All the tins of paints we use are labelled and given to the client at the end of the job and we draft up a paint schedule for our clients so that they know exactly what type of paint went in every room on every bit of iron work wood work and oil work.

This allows the client to complete their own touch ups as and when and so we know exactly what paint in the future from our archive @ Stuart Elliott Decorators we need to put where upon our return as and when our clients require.

We do this compulsory for all our clients.


Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd 


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