16th Century Manor House 

Here are some photographs of the second barn we decorated from start to finish.

We completed all the one coat render holes that electricians and the carpenters had left with their adjustments as is they were never there.

We painted all walls and ceilings in the Smoked Trout Farrow and Ball colour through the hallways kitchen and living room.

Downstairs we painted the bathroom in Brinjal Farrow and Ball colour because the client liked it so much in the first barn we did. 

All the woodwork was painted in Brinjal Farrow and Ball colour which again was the right choice for the woodwork which matched really well with the doors to give the property a warm and sultry feel.

We painted the stair risers in Brinjal Farrow and ball colour to tie in with Architraves etc.

The actual stair treads had a really good sand off with 120 grit sandpaper the 240 grit sandpaper to take out any glue marks or staining then we cleaned with methylated spirits and oiled them 3 times with an Osmo poly x oil which is a clear Matt finish to show off the grains in the oak. These came out perfect as i think you’ll agree.

All the handrails were sanded in the same way and treated with same oils. Also all window ledges, doors and beams once cleaned up and wire brushed were oiled with 3 coats of Osmo poly x clear Matt finish.

We use this oil on the beams window ledges and doors so that it allows it to soak into the wood but it keeps that original look of the wood but with the protection. As you’ve seen in other areas of the job we have used our skills and product knowledge of stains to tie in certain shelving areas or beams together so they all flow in the building.

Lastly we painted all sash window and doors in a Zinsser Allcoat Exterior Black Satin finish.

Hope you enjoy the second barn we did on the Manor House grounds.


Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd


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