16th Century Manor House 

This was a great milestone being able to get onto painting this very old door which is the main door to the entrance hall where there are big old pieces of slate flooring, as it means we are finished in the Manor House and just have the barns which we’ve started to complete now.

For the detailing on this door we Kurust rust treated all metal to deoxcidise the rust as it’s been there for years. We then wire brushed off all flaking bits of metal then cleaned with Zinsser degreaser.

I then painted the door with a Dulux Quick drying opaque waterbased wood stain Which gives a ten year expectancy time frame before having to repainted. These time frames are based on two coats and location. If you have a door that is facing sun or driving rain the expectancy levels would be less.

We used 2 coats of Dulux opaque Black waterbased stain , kurusted all metal then used a Zinsser Allcoat waterbased Satin black for all metal studs , brackets , hinges and door knobs etc. I think it turned out lovely and the Client was over the moon with the way it looks.

He should get a 10 year life span out of this door now.


Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd


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