16th Century Manor House

We have been working mainly on the Manor House but when the weather has been nice we have been trying to crack on with the facias, gutters, downpipes and soffits.

These were all ordered from a company which come in pre painted. Zinsser Allcoat Exterior Gloss for this property in this location is the only finish that will stand the test of time.  It gives wood and iron work a top quality finish and only the best products will suffice on this development.

This meant painting every single bracket, nut, joining pipes, gutters etc etc. You cannot get a better finish than the Zinsser Allcoat Exterior Gloss if you want a classic look and a finish which will last for years.

Because the guttering came in with a few Rust spots on because of being stacked on top of each other on the delivery truck… this is standard ! We use a Kurust Rust protection to deoxcidize the rust spots then applied 2 finishing coats of Zinsser Allcoat on the gutters and downpours and 3 finishing coats on the facias and soffits.

This gives you a really solid looking finish and a certainty for my company it ensures that this will look great for years. We also applied 1 coat of black bitchimine paint to the inside of the gutters and sikaflexed all the joints to allow and great flowing gutter and downpipe system with no leaking what so ever. Pure Design and Build have really gone above and beyond on this build.

I think you’ll agree it’s a great finish and a lot nicer to apply than normal Oil based  Gloss, this is a water based product but in fact it gives a much stronger finish than oil based products and allows a bit of flex in the paint so no cracking or blistering will appear when facing the sun and hot and cold temperatures which the South West of England is known for. 

Thanks guys


Stuart Elliott Decorators Limited


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