16th Century Manor House

Here are some pictures of one of the bedrooms before and after using the Grade 1 Zinsser paint for a base coat sealer coat before applying 2 coats of Farrow and Ball top coats

This is the first coat of Grade 1. You don’t need to mist coat the plaster before applying this paint. We only did so for the client so they could get a sense of each size room. When using the Zinsser Grade 1 as a sealer coat it does twice the job that a normal white mist coat does in terms of quality sealing the plaster. We will be applying the Grade 1 Zinsser in Farrow and Ball colours direct to plaster and lime render downstairs as it goes on and seals all new works like a dream. The Farrow and Ball colour chosen by clients on walls and ceilings in bedrooms is ‘Old White’ and the woodwork colour is ‘Downpipe’.

For the woodwork the colour is Farrow and Ball ‘Downpipe’ . You have to be careful to get the right amount of paint mixed in each batch so you need to be good with your calculations.

Hope you like the pictures guys…

Keep checking for updates 


Stuart Elliott Decorators Limited


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