16th Century Manor House

On the Exterior of this property we have had to complete the facias, Soffits, gutters and all down pipe works.

For the facias because we new that they were having a black top coat finish we started with a Bedec dark grey Acrylic Primer Undercoat. This was the first coat to go over the tanalised timber.

Next we did any 2 part filling in any knots or splits in the wood paying special attention to the joints then re primed .

We did spot prime these filler bits in although you don’t normally need to as we were using a Zinsser Allcoat Exterior Gloss Paint which has Self Priming and undercoating qualities within the paint. For all soffits and facias they had 3 coats of Zinsser with a very fine sanding in between to assure a very flat and durable finish.

The beauty in using the Zinsser Allcoat is that we can also use this product for the gutters and downpipes for a long lasting finish. This will resist flaking , cracking and paint blistering. Water based products are the way forward. They give a stronger finish look great and will out live the maintanence cycle of any gloss product.

Firstly we have to mention that even though the iron gutters and downpipes came in pre – primed in black that I know from experience that they get banged and gutters stacked on top of each other during delivery.

What happens then is that when the moisture sets in it creates rust spots. This is a high end development and we want no problems at any stage of the decorating works or for the future so no stone is left unturned with my team as I always personally specify to clients the best products for each individual job through out the process.

Prevention is always key for my team @ Stuart Elliott Decorators.

Firstly we used a Kurust Rust treatment to de-oxidise these rust spots. We then applied a Crown Universal Metal Primer in Grey which again has rust inhibitors within the primer paint and applied this to all gutters and down pipes and any other metal work we undertook. 

This also helps to fill out any divets or irregularitys that may have happened in the workshop before arriving on site. We then just applied 3 x coats of Zinsser Allcoat Exterior Gloss to all downpipes, gutters, hoppers and facias.

I think you will agree that the finish on this iron work is spectacular and it brings every single detail out on all the iron hoppers.

We also on the inside of the gutters painted the inside where the water flows with a black Bitchimine paint to waterproof them beyond recognition. Pure Design and Build have gone above and beyond in my experience with the build quality which makes our job so much better because we can achieve the best possible finish. 

In the gaps where the brackets are on the inside of the gutters, we used a Sikafkex black waterproof sealant so the water flow is second to none and we prevent any form of leaking for the future which also protects the paint works.

Another belt and braces job well done.

Keep your eyes peeled for more blogs on the Manor House as we progress through


Stuart Elliott Decorators Limited 


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