16th Century Manor House 

We completed a no of works on the exterior of this Grade 2 listed property.

One being an outside wall which needed a lot of attention. The lime mortar on this wall was all dug out and repointed and allowed to dry naturally. We then ordered a Beeck painting system for this wall from Cornish Lime Company up at Bodmin.

Firstly we applied the fixative which we mixed with water and then sprayed onto the wall using a little sprayer. This settles down any dust and stiffens the line pointing up which gives our team a great base to work from.

We then we applied the first coat of course Beeck Renosil paint with a hardener in it which sticks to the wall and gives you a nice hard surface for the next 2 fine courses of paint to sit on top of. 

Lastly we applied the fine course of paint x 2 top coats to give a clean fresh breathable system that will look great for years. You do have to top this system up on a regular basis due to locations and weather.

There will be a few touch ups to complete as soon as the ground works are completed on this side etc.


Stuart Elliott Decorators Ltd 


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