16th Century Manor House

We have now just started to apply the first coats of Zinsser Grade 1 Paint specialised for Historic and Period properties. 

This is a very difficult paint to work with and you really have to know how to apply this paint. This paint should only be used by specialised decorators that have used this product before.  It is a low odour solvent based paint but is great for sealing lime render and plaster as a sealer coat.

Stuart Elliott Decorators gets this paint colour mixed with our suppliers to match our top 2 coats of Farrow and Ball.

These pictures are taken just after I painted the lime so it looks like a shiny finish but once the Grade 1 paint drys back, it drys back to a chalky flat Matt finish.

I painted the main bathroom lime walls In a grade 1 Zinsser paint and I matched the colour which the client chose in a Farrow and Ball colour ‘Litchen’ to the Zinsser Grade 1 paint. 

These colours are an exact match yet the Zinsser Grade 1 paint is a lot stronger, more durable and a wipeable paint. This paint sits on the surface of the lime as a dried coating and allows the lime walls to breathe and at the same time resists fungal degradation and staining. This is why this type of paint is a great sealer coat. It’s quite expensive but when working on high end work is recommended and has always been the way for our company. 

It’s the best way of sealing new walls in a historic building as what it allows to happen is that if any moisture is left in the plaster or lime works it draws it out and allows it to sit on the surface and then to evaporate. 

I think you’ll all agree that these colours are very luxurious and definatley bring the woodlands indoors and the natural habitat of the Manor House surroundings to the inside of the property. 

The window frame in the bathroom is going to be the same colour as the bottom of the roll top bath. This again is another Farrow and Ball colour ‘ Downpipe ‘A very durable finish.

This building will look stunning and will stand the test of time for many years ahead as we @ Stuart Elliott Decorators have 100% trust in the Zinsser Grade 1 sealer coat we our using in our application and with then 2 possibly 3 coats of Farrow and Ball if walls get marked to finish the process.

Like I said before we check all the Lime rendered walls with moisture meters before painting to get the correct Ph Value but also Tor coatings come and do site visits to our team and draw up a specification and guarantees for our clients when working direct with clients.

Another great start. Now we just have the rest of the house to paint as all prep work is  nearly finished now.

Great job guys 


Stuart Elliott Decorators Limited


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