Swimming Pool Decoration on Multi Million Pound Coastal Development 

Again we were called in to decorate the huge swimming pool area on this multi million pound Coastal development.

The swimming pool was boarded and plastered with a Knauf system. The knauf plaster had to be sanded with specialist machines as this drys really hard.

We had to follow a certain specification for this job which was a mist coat with Zinsser bullseye 123 plus to seal knauf plaster. We then filled any last tiny details then applied a full coat of Zinsser Bullseye 123 then 2 top coats of Zinsser Perma White Interior Satin.

This coating drys rock hard on the second coating and has a anti-fungal biocides in the paint which resists moisture, flaking and cracking. This is very important in an area like this as you don’t want to be repainting ceilings in an environment as high as this and having to drain pool etc.

Again another high end specification and client.

I’m really pleased with this pool area as the ceiling was 160 sqmtrs at angles so a lot of attention was needed

I trust our knowledge and the range of Zinsser products for any high end job and specification such as this one.

And this was ‘all hand rolled’ not a sprayer in sight.

Another Happy Client


Stuart Elliott Decorators Limited


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