Renovating Cedar Cladding with Osmo Oil Uv

We were called out to a job by a big Contractor of ours to rejuvenate a load of cedar cladding.

This is very intricate work and all the correct processes must be followed or it can go very wrong. 

This was a multi million pound development where we completed all the cladding originally and the swimming pool.

When applying the oil to the cedar you really need to pay attention to where the sun comes up and goes down.

I mentioned at the time of application that we should apply 4 coats on the south facing elevations but I was only asked to price for 2 coats.

Needless to say we had to go back to renovate the cedar cladding that had bleached slightly.

What you have to understand is that the wind, rain and sea salt will eventually start wearing the top coatings of Oil back bit by bit. After first installation of the Osmo Oil, depending on location I would recommend that the cladding is re-oiled after 1 year then again after 3 years.

This job required a really good team and a very sound knowledge of the products that is Osmo Oil, Anti – Fungal treatments and Osmo Reviver Gel.

Great job guys and thanks for working alongside me on this high end finish 


Stuart Elliott Decorators Limited

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