Osmo Oil Renovating Project

We were called in to one of our Private Clients homes to look at their Oak flooring.

The Oak flooring had been previously painted with Zinsser floor paint or wax. Our client couldn’t be sure. 

Needless to say the flooring was in a right state. Had they sealed the floor after painting with a clear Satin Osmo Oil Polyx  they would have been free from staining and dirty marks.

The process we used was to tape all the skirting, architraves and kitchen units. We removed the kitchen amply this and all doors so we had no obstacles in our way. 

A few of the doors had swollen so we called in our carpenter from Pure Design and Build to come trim off a few doors at the bottom as they were scratching against the flooring.

This needed to be done as we didn’t want our new floor coating being scratched. We can arrange things like this and will pick these things up when we price our work. This takes all the stress away from our clients as we can ring top class tradesmen at the drop of a ‘hat’ so to speak.

After we taped everywhere we started the sanding process. We started with a 60 grit sandpaper to take the top layer of paint off and to open the surface on the Oak boards. After each sand through the grades 60,80,120 and then finally sanding  with 120 and 240 finish paper we hoover all dust up and wipe off with Methylated Spirits.

Only at this point do we start layering the floor up with the Osmo Polyx Oil. There is a variety of oils in the Polyx range. You can have a Matt, Satin or Gloss finish with this range.

We rolled out the floor using various types of roller heads but you have to keep a wet edge on the Oil as it drys very quickly. This is why everything has to be taped up and all the doors taken off.

We put 4 coats of Osmo Oil all over the Flooring because we wanted a great finish but also our clients have young children and a big dog which scratched the previous coating. 

I was really happy with the Job and the finish we achieved for our clients. It was a very Labour intensive job and a lot of cleaning to be done on a daily basis as our clients were still living there as we completed the works.

Again another job well done and another happy client of ours.


Stuart Elliott Decorators Limited


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