Dulux training with head trainer Peter Doyle

Here are some photographs from our training day at King’s College Plymouth. We often take our employees on training days which we get through being Dulux Select Members on the Dulux Select Decorators scheme. We go to these sessions to keep updated with Dulux products and for recaps on others.

You might have seen the man in the middle on the Dulux adverts on television. Yes that’s the man himself Peter Doyle – head trainer at Dulux and by all accounts a comedian also. Peter is very much at the forefront of everything that is happening at Dulux and is leading the training from the front.

Great day had all round and was so funny cracking jokes with Mr Doyle. Keep up the good work Peter

2015-04-11 13.45.172015-04-11 13.45.19-22015-04-11 13.45.132015-04-11 13.45.13-12015-04-11 13.17.112015-04-11 13.17.102015-04-11 13.45.09-12015-04-11 13.17.082015-04-11 13.17.08-12015-04-08 15.09.352015-04-11 13.16.572015-04-11 13.16.56 2015-04-11 13.17.052015-04-11 13.17.032015-04-11 13.45.122015-04-11 13.45.16-2

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