Private Clients – Ian and Sarah Bowman

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Here are some photographs from a recent job our team completed in Newquay. These rooms were very large rooms and required a vast amount of preparation work as this house is an old property. We used a water based Diamond Satinwood which we had specially tinted to the clients colour choice. The reason we used a water based product for the finish was because on speaking to the client initially they mentioned they had birds in the property and we didn’t want the odours to effect the pets lungs as an oil based product has quite powerful odours.

The clients Ian and Sarah were so happy that they wrote a written statement for our testimonial page and subsequently want our team to re-decorate the rest of there large property.

We offered regular updates, spent time helping them with colour choices and tried to rebuild the walls and woodwork mouldings to make look as sympathetic to the property as we could.

I think we achieved the look our clients were after and this is down to spending time with the clients at the beginning of the job to find out what it is they are exactly after with the rooms

Thank you to the team again who worked alongside me on this clients property

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