Jonathan Coyle – Harvest Renewables Cornwall

I re-decorated this old house once the client had renovated his property . We used a mixture of different paints on this particular job as there was many aspects to consider. The client had wood panelling running up the side of the staircase and hallway. We first knotted all the wood, primed the wood with an acrylic based primer – undercoat and then used a top coat of Rubol white Sikkens. This is an extremely strong paint with a satin finish. We used this because its very durable and strong once applied and also because he clients have three young children, it would enable them to wipe off and clean any drawings or scuff marks on the paint work.

We used a vinyl matt white finish on all the walls. A matt emulsion for the ceilings, satinwood pure brilliant white for the woodwook – skirting boards, architraves etc and a satinwood finish for the bannister. The clients had put a floating tongue and groove wood panelled ceiling in the kitchen / dining room. We had to treat the wood first with knotting solution, fill any holes with one strike filler, then primer undercoated all the panelling. The last stage was to undercoat the wooden panels and to apply 2 coats of satinwood pure brilliant white.

This was a particularly hard and tasking job due to the nature of the bannister and the amount of woodwork throughout the house. While we were there Lee – owner of Hardwood flooring Cornwall / Newquay put down 100 metres of solid wood flooring which we sealed with Osmo oil for the client Jonathan as he wanted a more durable finish to stop the children scratching the flooring. The clients were delighted with the finish as this was their first house in Cornwall which they had bought and subsequently the client gives me all there decorating work now once they have installed their solar panels etc as the client owns a renewables company.

Another great job team and more prospective clients….P1050361 P1050362 P1050363 P1050364 P1050365 P1050366 P1050367 P1050368 P1050369 P1050370 P1050371 P1050373 P1050376 P1050377 P1050378 P1050379 P1050380 P1050381 P1050382 P1050383 P1050384 P1050385 P1050386 P1050387 P1050388 P1050417 P1050418 P1050419 P1050421 P1050422 P1050423 P1050424 P1050425 P1050426 P1050427 P1050428 P1050429 P1050430 P1050431 P1050432

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