Piran Meadows Resort and Spa – Whitecross

Stuart Elliott Decorators was called in by Phelan Construction to over see the snagging and last few weeks work. Stuart Elliott Decorators was working alongside Spot on Decorators and their Supervisor to finish this building to a high spec. There was numerous colours involved with this building and alot of tricky areas to decorate.

The building has a spa and swimming pool where specialised paints were used to achieve the finish you see in the photographs. This job had an extremely tight schedule and was a vast area of 3500 sq mtrs of painting with all different colours. More photographs will follow with a completed building.

Many Thanks to Mark Davis, Eugene and Paul at Phelan Construction for employing us at Stuart Elliott Decorators – Dulux Select DecoratorsP1040896P1040870 P1040852 P1040836 P1040895 P1040892 P1040891 P1040890 P1040889 P1040888 P1040887 P1040886 P1040876 P1040875 P1040874 P1040873 P1040872 P1040871 P1040869 P1040868 P1040867 P1040866 P1040865 P1040864 P1040863 P1040862 P1040861 P1040860 P1040859 P1040857 P1040856 P1040854 P1040851 P1040850 P1040849 P1040848 P1040847 P1040846 P1040845 P1040844 P1040843 P1040842 P1040841 P1040840 P1040839

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