Mount wise Newquay Quick back yard paint job

This paint job was for a client of ours who just wanted her back yard freshening up for the summer. We will be returning at the end of summer to put the final coat on her walls ready for the winter months.

Algae and dirt removed first, wire brushed etc and then 2 coats of Magnolia on the walls after spot priming some areas back in. Then paint the capping on walls and wall around flower bed.

The difference is great once we start getting the paint on, prep work is the key.

Another SATISFIED client.

StuartP1040350 P1040351 P1040352 P1040353 P1040354 P1040355 P1040356 P1040357 P1040358 P1040359 P1040360 P1040361 P1040362 P1040363 P1040364 P1040365 P1040366 P1040367 P1040368 P1040369 P1040370

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