Kennack Sands down near the Lizard – Lands End

This was a job we got through a holiday letting company from St.Ives. The Client was from London and owned the whole building of 8 apartments. All of the main windows had to be replaced which meant that all the 20ft apex surroundings had new plaster on them which all had to be filled, re mist coated and then tied back into the ceilings and walls.

All the apartment had holes and patches everywhere so we had to re-prime all the walls and ceilings then recoat everything with Dulux colour Jabot which was a matt emulsion. All woodwork was recoated with Dulux white undercoat and then top coated with Dulux high Gloss oil based finish. We originally quoted for the job to do 1 apartment which this particular apartment was going to be the show home for the rest.

We were asked to drop down in price from our original quote but I had to say no on this occasion. The reason being is that I thought that by dropping the price I would be putting my team on an unrealistic time frame and we were not prepared to compromise on our quality of finish. What they were asking for was completely unrealistic and the job had plenty of unforeseen problems so not 1 of the other apartments would we have been able to paint in the same time frame.

We at Stuart Elliott Decorators pride ourselves on customer service and quality of finish. Sometimes we cant move on price if it means comprising the finish.












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